Hidden (Paperback)

The Hidden Saga

By Serina Hartwell, Jodi Shaw Tjs Literary Editing (Editor), Lindsay Anne Kendal Graphics (Illustrator)

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781518885921, 426pp.

Publication Date: October 30, 2015

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Bronte Hughes lives an ordinary life with a loving family and close circle of friends, but after standing up to the school bully, she is challenged to a dare at Farrow's Mill, which goes disastrously wrong, shattering her reality in the process. A single act leads to a near fatal accident, which sets closely guarded wheels in motion, and leads her to fall for her best friend Riley. A miscommunication sends them down separate paths, leaving her to face dealing with his rejection, while trying to come to terms with the fact, that everything in her world isn't what it seems. She realises her world isn't so flawless after all, when everything starts to unravel around her, and the cracks begin to appear. Can Bronte keep it together, and regain her first love, or will he reject her forever? Join Bronte as she learns the truth, and begins a journey of self-discovery where she finds she is the one who is different from those around her, and learns what her family have worked so hard to conceal from her, which is now set to turn her world upside-down.

About the Author

About the Author Did you ever have an itch you couldn't scratch, a feeling that you're supposed to be doing something else, something bigger with your life? Something that would touch the souls of the rest of mankind and justify your place amongst our fellow men, but you just couldn't put your finger on what? Well Serina Hartwell spent the best part of 40 years looking for the answer and low and behold, she finished up back where she started, with writing. She sometimes question why she didn't just turn in the opposite direction, it would have led her there straight away, but her path led her away from writing when she was just a teenager, because of a lacked of confidence to pursue her dream. Reminiscing one day, the thought occurred to her that if she had found writing back then, she wouldn't have taken the journeys that led her to write The Hidden Saga. Her name is Serina Hartwell. She is the mother of two wonderful children, who grew up when she blinked. She always write with her writing companion, her cat Tilly, and came from an average size town in West Yorkshire, England. The same place where the Bronte sisters were born and she is from the village in the mill town she wrote about. Growing up in an industrial town, and coming from a working class background, Serina Hartwell was surrounded by the mills, which were once the life blood of the community. Decrepit and falling into disrepair, they shadowed the place where she lived, serving as a reminder that her town once thrived. She watched as one by one, the mills went out of business and closed, serving to inspire her story, while changing the landscape around her. Her mother worked in the mills when she was a child. She recalled every night, her father taking her brother and her to the mill to collect their mother and walk her home over the lonely beck-side. These trips along the shortcut are embedded throughout Hidden, as her childish imagination finally materialised on the page. It was only recently that she found her way back to writing. 'It's funny how life has a way of bringing you full circle. Today I have the beginnings of something big within my grasp, ' she was quoted as saying. Follow her journey to becoming an established author. Step into her world and let her take you on a journey... You can find out more about Serina Hartwell @ http: //www.serinahartwell.com/ and http: //serinahartwell.in