Marked (Paperback)

The Witchcraft Persecution of Goodwife Unise Cole 1656-1680

By Cheryl Lassiter

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781519357304, 248pp.

Publication Date: December 7, 2015

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"It must be so, it shall be so, do what you will." So muttered Goodwife Unise Cole to her neighbor Abraham Drake as he pondered his mysteriously deceased livestock. The deaths were blamed on her familiarity with the Devil, one of many similiar accusations lodged against her- she bewitched crops; shape-shifted into a dog, a cat, an eagle; had conversations with the Devil; enticed young children; and moved at supernatural speed. Worse, she was blamed for the deaths of a man as he lay helpless in his bed and a child who had been diabolically transformed into an 'ape.' Unise Cole's childlessness, low social status, and tempestuous spirit marked her for persecution as a witch in the puritan town of Hampton, where she endured three decades of accusations, whippings, court trials, and imprisonment, all in an attempt to banish her from the town. Drawn from historical records, Marked is the first book to examine Goodwife Cole's life from her time in England, through her arrival and settlement in Massachusetts, her stormy relations with her neighbors and the law, the witchcraft trials, and beyond her death to her later notoriety. In her third non-fiction book about the people and events in the small seacoast town of Hampton, New Hampshire, Cheryl Lassiter shares her passion for detailed historical research to tell the definitive, true story of the woman known as The Witch of Hampton.

Praise For Marked: The Witchcraft Persecution of Goodwife Unise Cole 1656-1680


—I’m really impressed with both your scholarship and your writing, which is clear and also–rare in this kind of book–entertaining. I loved knowing that Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury had “attractive handwriting” and that Robert and Susanna Smith had an “enchanted oven.” I want you to get famous over this well-written book, Cheryl. Keep writing! – Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards

—An excellent story told in wonderful detail, this book beautifully captures life in the 1600s. Goody Cole is at times portrayed as a sympathetic character; she was also her own worst enemy. Painstakingly researched, Cheryl Lassiter also weaves in a contemporary view of the events that surrounded the enigmatic Goody Cole. A treat for anyone who wants insight into the witch mania of early colonial days. – Mike on Goodreads

—The author has taken a subject surrounded in mystery and has assembled extant documents concerning the life of this woman accused of witchcraft in a 17th century New England town. Ms. Lassiter gives a picture of colonial life and the people who embellished their superstitions into crimes resulting in torture and imprisonment of what we might today call a “batty” old lady. It is a fun read for those who are interested in early times in America. I thank the author and Goodreads for a complimentary copy. – Gail on

—For fans and students of the history of witchcraft, this is a five-star ***** must-read! – Rebecca on Goodreads