The Shift (Paperback)

How Seeing People as People Changes Everything

By Kimberly White, The Arbinger Institute (Foreword by)

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 9781523094882, 240pp.

Publication Date: June 5, 2018

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A vivid depiction and real-world example of the personal and institutional impact of the Arbinger Insititute's transformative ideas (Leadership and Self-Deception; 1.4 million copies sold) within a healthcare organization--The HG nursing homes. In general, nursing homes are scorned healthcare institutions--but it was in these transformed HG homes that Kimberly White discovered a new way of "seeing" people and underwent her own personal transformation. Both HG and White shifted their perspective and mindset based on their adoption of The Arbinger Institute's basic principles.

Without realizing it, we tend to treat people as objects. We see them solely in terms of their usefulness to us. This invites tension and conflict, and changing this mindset is at the heart of the Arbinger Institute's work. This book is a moving true story of an unhappy woman whose life and family were transformed when she began researching how Arbinger's ideas were being implemented in nursing homes. Kimberly White was astonished to discover that those who choose to care for the elderly and ill, earning low pay in a maligned industry, were nevertheless full of satisfaction, compassion and love because of their ability to see their patients as real and true and valuable people. White's research became a personal exploration of how to see the people in her own life as people in that same profound way. When she did, everything in her life and her world changed--and the reader's will too.

About the Author

Kimberly White is a freelance writer who spent 12 years overpaying on Manhattan rent in order to take her five children to free museums, and recently relocated to a small farm town in Illinois to focus on writing. She is a certified Arbinger presenter and former research assistant to the founder, Terry Warner. Her 9 months of research for this book included dozens of hours working alongside nursing home employees in offices, vans, patient rooms, and kitchens.

Praise For The Shift: How Seeing People as People Changes Everything

“Readers seeking a different kind of self-help guide will find it a positive perspective filled with practical, game-changing applications to everyday life.”
– Midwest Book Review

The Shift is a transformative book—a rare view of the defining element of corporate culture, the heart of mankind. It shares what executives most need to learn, first about living, then about leading. It thoroughly inspired, touched, and taught me.”
—Roy E. Christensen, founder and former President and Chairman, Beverly Enterprises, and Chairman, The Ensign Group
“This is truly a rare book. On page after page we encounter people living the way we all know we should but often don't. Who could have known it would be so inspiring—and so thoroughly humbling—to enter the lives of such people? The effect is transforming. As we meet these ordinary people we finally know whom we want to be like: we want to be like them. I don't see how I can be the same team member, leader, or person after encountering this book. A complete inspiration to read and genuinely mind-changing.”
—Laura Hart, Vice President, Business Operations, Qualcomm Technologies
“I work in a high-tech industry and yet I've never encountered a book that was more relevant to my work. It is a beautiful expression of Arbinger principles—displayed in the most profound dimensions of life—and its effect is truly like magic. The Shift is simultaneously inspiring, touching, and profound. I don't know anyone who wouldn't be deeply taught—and moved—by the remarkable journey found in this book. Few books are truly ‘must-read,’ but The Shift is absolutely one of them.”
—Kimberly Koro, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies
The Shift is compelling and delightful; it is easy to read and brings to mind so many memories, so many real-life situations that I could identify with—not just nursing home situations but in my daily life as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, employee.”
—Stacy Parkinson, SNF owner, attorney, and former First Lady of Kansas
“Delightful. Inspiring. Humbling. The Shift will remind you that no matter your profession or life pursuits, we all interact with other people and must learn how to work together. The principles contained herein, if applied and practiced, will transform and enrich relationships and lead to a greater sense of satisfaction. This book belongs on the shelf alongside all the great business and self-improvement works of our time. It has changed the way I approach my colleagues and clients and helped instill in me a greater purpose for what I do every day. Read the book. Make the shift. Reap the benefits.”
—Darren Henderson, Founding Partner, Corient Capital Partners, LLC
“After decades as a SNF executive, I found The Shift to be a wonderful and delightful book that should be required reading, not just for the leadership team, but for every CNA, nurse, housekeeper, social worker, and recreation therapist. Learning to see our residents, fellow employees, and family members as real people with real worth, instead of charges, problems, or duties, will change both their lives and ours. Thank you for an important and refreshing look at a calling worthy of our full hearts.”
—Todd Hansen, SNF administrator and former state health-care association president