Convinced! (Paperback)

How to Prove Your Competence & Win People Over

By Jack Nasher

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 9781523095599, 240pp.

Publication Date: November 13, 2018

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Competence does not speak for itself! You can't simply display it; you have to draw people's attention to it. World-renowned negotiation and deception detection expert, business professor, and mentalist Jack Nasher offers effective, proven techniques to convince others that we are talented, trustworthy, and yes, even brilliant.

Nasher offers the example of Joshua Bell, possibly the world's most famous violinist. In January 2007, at rush hour, he stepped into a Washington, DC, subway station, dressed like any street busker, and began to play a $4,000,000 Stradivarius. It was part of an experiment staged by a journalist of the Washington Post, who expected Bell's skill alone to attract an immense, awed crowd. But Bell was generally ignored, and when he stopped, nobody applauded. He made $34.17.

The good news is that you don't have to accept obscurity: you can positively affect others' perception of your talent. Whether you're looking for work, giving an important presentation, seeking clients or customers for your business, or vying for a promotion, Nasher explains how to use techniques such as expectation management, verbal and nonverbal communication, the Halo Effect, competence framing, and the power of nonconformity to gain control of how others perceive you.

Competence is the most highly valued professional trait. But it's not enough to be competent, you have to convey your competence. With Nasher's help you can showcase your expertise, receive the recognition you deserve, and achieve lasting success.

About the Author

Jack Nasher is the founder of the NASHER Negotiation Institute and advises corporations on crucial negotiations. He is on the faculty of Stanford University, studied and taught at Oxford University, and became the youngest full-professor appointee in the history of Munich Business School. He also performs as a mentalist at the world-renown Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is an award-winning researcher, a full member of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, and a principle practitioner with the Association of Business Psychologists.

Praise For Convinced!: How to Prove Your Competence & Win People Over

“To gain assent from others, it’s not enough to possess competence on the topic at hand. It’s also necessary to project that competence successfully. With Convinced!, at last there’s a book that shows us how. We needed this book.”
—Robert Cialdini, author of Influence and Pre-Suasion
“In an age of information overload and default to algorithms, the ability to assess and convey true expertise is a critical managerial competency. Convinced! will help show you the way.”
—Dominic Barton, Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company
“To land a job, enlist investors, close a deal, or lead an initiative, being the best person to play that role isn’t enough. What matters most is persuading other people that you’re the one they can count on to deliver what they need. Jack Nasher’s compelling new book lays out eight practical principles for positively shaping how others judge your competence. I’m convinced of the power of his advice. And you’ll be convinced, as well.”
—Michael Wheeler, Harvard Business School professor and author of The Art of Negotiation
“Every second of every day, judgement and assessments of competence are being made. Whatever your role or expertise, “Convinced” provides fascinating and practical insights into steps anyone can take to engender and promote that all important sense of confidence and trust. Compelling, highly entertaining and thoroughly convincing!”
– Matthew Layton, Global Managing Partner, Clifford Chance LLP
“You may have your foundation degree and experience. You may even have your MBA. But now you need to go to finishing school and read Convinced! An excellent insight into the importance of not just being competent but being perceived to be competent. A compelling read.”
—Andy Palmer, President and CEO, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.
“Perceptions matter. Convinced! identifies the behaviors, networks, and narrative strategies that you can use to shape perceptions and create a competitive edge.”
—Rupert Younger, Director, Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation
"We live and work in a world that often works to very fine margins. This book helps understand how others judge our competence, to help influence and improve that perception while remaining true and authentic to who we are.  It offers the opportunity to gain a marginal, but perhaps critical, advantage.” 
—Bill Thomas, Global Chairman, KPMG International
“As a river runs to the sea, power flows to those who can persuade. Jack Nasher gives you the tools you need to win others over and keep them moving in the right direction.”
—G. Richard Shell, Wharton professor and coauthor of The Art of Woo
“Be it in business or diplomacy, convincing people of one’s expertise is key to successful negotiations. Radiating that competence also helps leaders gain the legitimacy to lead. Dr. Nasher’s book offers scientifically grounded, real-life techniques that should be required reading for public and private sector managers alike.”
—Alexander Vinnikov, Head of the NATO Representation to Ukraine
“At the heart of Professor Nasher’s book is a key central thesis: it is no longer enough to be extraordinarily competent. These days, it is necessary for all top managers—and anyone who aspires to be one—to embrace the responsibility for their own personal PR. The author introduces techniques that allow readers to display their expertise in ways that will earn them the recognition they deserve. Convinced! is educational (but never pedantic), engaging, and entertaining. Highly recommended!”
—Georges Kern, CEO, Breitling SA