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Cover for Solomon's Ring

Solomon's Ring

Death, Diamonds, And Dirty Socks: Book Four

T. L. Tabor


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With the Kentwood Estates encoded books now safely housed at an all-girls school, Jarod and Tommy have a new summer assignment from Brindly. Armed with junk food and a copy of two lines of code from the master book, they head into the school to try their hand at each decoding a book on their own. But once inside the high-security walls, they discover there are even more secrets inside the library than just his collection of magical books. Everything is a great new adventure until the girls of the school step in to help, and the secret items so carefully encoded into the books for hundreds of years are now in danger of falling into the wrong hands. It's suddenly up to just them to get their mission back on track and all the items safely secured in the Greenhaven vault.To learn more about all 6 books in this series so far visit: or T.L. Tabor's Author page on Amazon and Kindle.

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781523498703, 134pp.

Publication Date: February 2, 2016

About the Author

I have been writing fiction stories since I was very little, because I always wanted a new and exciting world to escape to for a while. As an adult, I decided to write a kids book about things I wished could be true, or how the world could change if our wishes could come true. Magic and the impossible was something I never wanted to give up believing in, and I hope kids that read my books never stop believing either. I had so much fun writing the three books of Death, Diamonds and Dirty Socks, and laughed through it every time I read it, I just had to write more to this story line. So for you fans out there wanting more of Jarod and Tommy's adventures, stay tuned...Book Four: King Solomon's Ring will be available February 2016, then Books Five and Six to follow in a few months.