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Cat Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar 2022

Cat Quotes, Cat Jokes, True or False, Owner's Tips, Famous Cats, Know Your Breeds, and More!

Workman Calendars


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Fascinating feline trivia, quizzes, breed information, care tips, and more

Cat lovers will purr with delight at a new year of trivia, quizzes, tips, and more, adorably illustrated in full color. True or False: The Cornish Rex breed can be traced back to a single kitten named Kallibunker. (True Born in 1950 in Cornwall, England, Kallibunker had curly hair due to a genetic mutation.) The Word on Wildcats: Did you know Snow Leopards, found in Central Asia, can leap up to 50 feet? Owner's Tips, including how to tap into your cat's hunting instincts with "fetch the kibble." Plus Name That Breed, Why Does My Cat Do That?, You Gotta Be Kitten Me , and quotes and sayings, including this Italian proverb: "A cat's sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it." Now 100% recyclable and printed on FSC-certified paper.

Workman Publishing, 9781523512256, 320pp.

Publication Date: August 3, 2021