When the Truth Finds the Light (Paperback)

Finding the Courage to Keep Showing Up

By Danielle Doby

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 9781524853808

Publication Date: September 7, 2021

List Price: 14.99*
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Following the success of her bestselling book, I Am Her Tribe, Danielle Doby shares her much-anticipated second collection of poetry and mindful practices.

When the Truth Finds the Light is a devotion to healing, a weaving of intimate storytelling that moves, leaving its reader fully embraced, on each breath, with the turn of every page. Doby shows us that true transformation is possible when we refuse to leave before the miracle happens.

Our stories are the keys that open to the door to hope in others
The meeting place where the truth finds the light
I write for my own healing
I share to meet my courage
The magic happens when someone else
sees their reflection in the words


About the Author

The everyday moments, and the extraordinary moments, have always made the most sense to Danielle in words. In their cadence and their rhythm, in the way they can move a moment forward, or pull a moment to a slow stop. Where others may hear the conversation by way of what was said next, Danielle has always heard the space between, and all the words left unsaid. She began to write these words, those spaces, onto paper. In this has grown a truth she could no longer write just in the margins, as a maybe, or a sometime, but rather as air, as water, as basic survival. 

The lineage of women before her have always said to her in no uncertain terms that the time to be brave, is now. That the time to be quiet, is never. And how you choose to share, that is your heart-work. And this is Danielle's heart-work. 

And so, her offering is the words unsaid, in the spaces we need it most. It is the lonely spaces, the low-lit spaces, the dark corners, and the rooms we don't often go. Too, it is the top of the mountain spaces, the light rising through the curtain spaces, the 2 a.m. sitting on the kitchen floor with the people who know you best, in-love spaces, gently reminding you that you are never alone.