Sex, Suicide and Serotonin (Paperback)

How These Things Almost Killed and Healed Me

By Debbie Hampton

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781532963056, 262pp.

Publication Date: May 9, 2016

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You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be glad as hell it's not you.

On the outside, Debbie Hampton appeared to have everything going for her but felt empty and inadequate on the inside. After taking care of her brother as he wasted away and died of AIDs, the end of her marriage to her high school sweetheart in a Divorce Court-ugly split, years of wrong turns, things not working out, and being flat-out disappointed with life, she swallowed handful after handful of pills. The drugs went all of the way through her system wreaking destruction before she was found.

After a week in a coma, Debbie woke up to a very different world with a serious brain injury. Her ex-husband sued her for custody of their sons, won, and promptly moved out of state with them.

And she thought things were bad before?

This intimately honest, witty, and wise book is the story of how Debbie got to and climbed back from that rock bottom place to not only survive but thrive.

"The most honest, gut-wrenching, let-it-all-hang-out story of one woman's journey that I have ever read. I made myself read it in four days, but secretly I could hardly put it down and almost read it one day. Debbie shares everything - and I mean everything - about her life, loves, family, why she attempted suicide (more than once), and her courageous and brilliant recovery process. This dear woman is a hero, a warrior, a beautiful soul who has the (fill in the blank) to share her painful story with the world - not to gain but to help others just like me. Those of us who almost pulled the swallowed the pills, wrote our goodbye letters, etc.. This incredible story should be made into a movie - and it would probably win an Oscar for Best Picture...(to be continued- I hope). Please buy this book, read this book, and share with anyone who may be wrestling with depression. It truly will be a life saver and an encouragement to anyone who reads her incredible book."Greg Harper

" Life-changing. Everyone should read this book." Penny

"I absolutely loved this book It is one of those books that I was gutted when it came to an end. Debbie writes with both humor and compassion and, as a fellow brain injury survivor, I found myself recognizing situations and emotions that Debbie writes about. I also found the book to be both comforting and uplifting as Debbie tells of her road to recovery, which gave me hope and determination to continue to strive towards a complete recovery. I recommend this book wholeheartedly."Kate

"A compelling story of one woman's journey, like a Phoenix, put through the fire and beautifully transformed " Carmen

"A true story of triumph over mental illness and depression, Debbie bares her soul and shares all the dirty details. What appears to be a charmed life that most people would envy was, in reality, a driving force to an almost fatal suicide attempt. Debbie recovers from this life-changing low and shares her wisdom, strength, and hope with us." Angie

"Hampton remains steadfast in creating a memoir that shows both the problem and the solution." Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Debbie Hampton recovered from decades of depression, a suicide attempt, and resulting brain injury to become a leading blogger in the brain health arena, inspirational writer, and well-known voice in the mental health community. Her work been featured on MindBodyGreen, TinyBuddha, and Huffington Post and has attracted a raving fan base on social media. She writes about lifestyle, behavior and thought modifications, alternative therapies, and mental health practices she used to rebuild her brain and life to find joy and thrive and tells you how to do the same.