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Cover for The Fuse Volume 4

The Fuse Volume 4

Constant Orbital Revolutions

Antony Johnston, Justin Greenwood (Artist)


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It's almost a year since Ralph Dietrich arrived in orbit, to take up his new role as a Homicide detecive on the solar energy platform known as 'The Fuse'. Since then, he and his partner Klementina Ristovych have solved puzzles, quelled riots, rescued hostages... and put plenty of killers behind bars.

But things are about to change. After 40 years in the Midway City PD, Klem is finally hanging up her space boots and retiring to the Martian colonies. Meanwhile, Ralph's clandestine mission -- that he's kept a secret from everyone, even his partner -- is about to explode. And no-one will escape unscathed

Bringing together threads and answering questions that began in the very first chapter of THE FUSE, 'Constant Orbital Revolutions' reveals the secret behind Ralph's interest in the anarchist Fuse Liberation Front, as what seems to be a simple murder case drags our heroes into the dark underbelly of a deadly terror plot that threatens the entire city Collects THE FUSE #19-24

Image Comics, 9781534300408, 152pp.

Publication Date: February 14, 2017