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Cover for Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out

Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out

Evangelism the Way You Were Born to Do It

Dr. D. Scott Hildreth, Steven A. McKinion


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What if talking about your faith felt as natural as discussing your family, your work, or your hobbies?

Evangelism doesn't have to be uncomfortable. You're under no pressure to prove anything. It really just amounts to having a conversation, and almost any context provides the opportunity for evangelism. You can spot these opportunities when you listen, because people talk about what's important to them. So think of evangelism as building a relationship with someone and intentionally planning to share Jesus as a part of everyday living. 

Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out, Second Edition is not a comprehensive theology of evangelism or the methods by which that theological message is communicated. The goal of the book is simply to show what evangelism looks like when it’s part of ordinary, everyday conversations. Sharing Jesus with others isn't a mystery, and it can be as natural as working a job, practicing a favorite hobby, or engaging in any other kind of daily activity. The authors show how anyone can make sharing the gospel a commonplace part of their lifestyle. Without all the freaking out part.

Praise For Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out: Evangelism the Way You Were Born to Do It

“I am very grateful for this second edition of Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out. A really good book is now an even better book! Biblically faithful and extremely practical, it will equip anyone who has himself been transformed by the gospel to share that same life-changing message with confidence and competence. Read it and then go tell someone about Jesus.”
—Daniel L. Akin, president, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Hildreth and McKinion offer readers a theologically sound, yet practical and engaging call to a lifestyle of evangelism. They remind us all that evangelism for Christians is natural, normal, relational, and that we all have a compelling story of redemption to share. Having known both of these men for more than a decade, I am so excited for this book to get into the hands of Christians in the workplace, on the mission field, and in the pews.”
—Paul M. Akin, dean, Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry and assistant professor of Christian missions, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As human beings we regularly take simple concepts and make them overly complex. That tendency often happens with the subject of evangelism. I am delighted to recommend this helpful resource by Scott Hildreth and Steve McKinion. As professors, they keep this book biblically and theologically sound; as practitioners, they remind us of the simplicity of evangelism. Read this book and be encouraged as you seek to bear witness for Christ!”
—Timothy K. Beougher, associate dean, Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry and Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
“There’s a reason this title resonates with today’s believers. We want to share Jesus in a winsome way, but don’t quite know how. Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out is a wonderful resource for learning to do just that—in real conversations with real people. This second edition is packed with practical advice on building authentic relationships, meeting people in their blessings and brokenness, and intentionally proclaiming what truly is the best news they’ll ever hear. The small group discussion questions and ‘Eight-Week Challenge’ facilitate making this easy-to-read volume into a way of life.”
 —Susan Booth, professor of evangelism and missions, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary and College

“I want to recommend to everyone the book, Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out as an excellent resource to strengthen your witness. Evangelism is more caught than taught, but it must be strengthened. This book will release your passion of making Christ known with simple, but solid principles of Scripture. We shouldn’t freak out about sharing Christ; we should be Jesus followers, and this book will inspire you!”
—Scott Dawson, founder and CEO, Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association

“Most non-Christians have no idea what the gospel actually is. There are multiple obstacles causing this, but the greatest obstacles are in the hearts and minds of believers who rarely share the good news with people who need to hear. This is an important and extremely practical book for those who want to love God and their neighbors. Sharing Christ can be natural and normal in our lives with a little prayer, preparation, and practice. I will recommend this book to my seminary students.”
 —Don Dent, director, Kim School of Global Missions and Baker James Cauthen Professor of World Missions, Gateway Seminary
“As a pastor, nothing brings me more joy than when a member of my congregation introduces me to someone they have led to Christ. If there were one thing I yearn to see restored to the body of Christ it would be this, which makes this book all the more important. Sharing effectively with others is the most foundational skill of ministry and one of the essential—not to mention most exhilarating—disciplines of the Christian life. Hildreth and McKinion strip away the fear involved in evangelism and help people see that telling others about Jesus can be as normal as talking about kids, sports, or a favorite hobby. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”
—J. D. Greear, pastor, Summit Church, Raleigh-Durham, NC, and president, The Southern Baptist Convention
“I started reading this book because I was asked to write an endorsement. I continued reading it because it is really good and very practical. There are so many great concepts and practical suggestions in this book that I have struggled to write a brief endorsement that might encourage you to read it. For example, sharing the gospel should be as natural as sharing any other story.  Be yourself and share from your strengths. You are a Christian, you have a story, you have relationships, you are all set. Evangelism is storytelling and everyone has a story. This book is about having a gospel conversation and not about repeating a canned presentation. Just immerse yourself in that story and allow the Spirit to guide. I love this book and I plan to use the ideas to assist me in telling the story.”
—Ken Hemphill, special assistant to the president and distinguished professor of Christian studies, North Greenville University

“Scott Hildreth and Steven McKinion are to be commended for their new book, Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out. This book provides very simple tools for living a lifestyle of evangelism. While some books on evangelism overlook the message of the gospel, Sharing Jesus does not. I especially enjoyed appendix 2: Sharing the Story of the Gospel.”
—Thomas P. Johnston, professor of evangelism, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and secretary-treasurer, Southern Baptist Professors of Evangelism Fellowship
“Scott Hildreth and Steve McKinion have written Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out to encourage believers who are nervous about evangelism with the hope that they can actually relax when it comes to personal evangelism. They reassure fearful, would-be, personal evangelists that they can confidently share Jesus with unbelievers, naturally and casually, in the context of conversations and relationships.”
—Matt Queen, associate dean, Fish School of Evangelism and Missions, associate professor of evangelism, and L. R. Scarborough Chair of Evangelism (“the Chair of Fire”), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Relational evangelism is often maligned in evangelical circles and perhaps for good reason. Far too often the emphasis in relational evangelism is upon the ‘relational’ and not the ‘evangelism.’ In this volume, Hildreth and McKinion strike a healthy Great Commission balance. They help Christ-followers understand that personal relationships are a natural pathway for gospel conversation. Therefore, be a friend, share the gospel; there’s nothing to fear.”
 —Chuck Register, executive leader, church planting and missions partnerships, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
“Most believers have had some sort of ‘freak out’ moment when it comes to evangelism—whether that’s freaking out about when to start a gospel conversation, how to share the message clearly, or what to do when we encounter objections or hostility. McKinion and Hildreth provide a wholesome and intelligent approach to evangelism that will not only help overcome barriers, but also inspire eagerness in sharing the message of Christ. I am thankful to have this book in hand, and I look forward to putting it into the hands of others who want to become more passionate and effective in sharing the gospel.”
—Stephen Rummage, senior pastor, Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK
“In a day when fewer believers are engaging others in gospel conversations, I’m for any solid resource that will provide encouragement and practical tools to confidently lead them to practice the spiritual discipline of evangelism. Scott Hildreth and Steve McKinion have winsomely written a practical tool that does just that. In a fast-paced life that feels too busy or an apprehensive life that feels too afraid to evangelize, Hildreth and McKinion show believers how they can take advantage of the small everyday opportunities the Lord orchestrates for them and how they can use the narrative of Scripture and their testimonies to engage in effective evangelism for the glory of God.”
—Ed Stetzer, Billy Graham Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism and dean, School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership, Wheaton College

B&H Academic, 9781535982184, 192pp.

Publication Date: July 15, 2020

About the Author

D. Scott Hildreth is assistant professor of global studies and George Liele director of the Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Steven A. McKinion is professor of theology and patristic studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.