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Line of Sight (Digital Audiobook)

By James Queally, Keith Sellon-Wright (Narrator)

Publication Date: May 11, 2020

Other Editions of This Title:
Hardcover (3/10/2020)
Paperback (3/16/2021)
MP3 CD (5/12/2020)
Compact Disc (5/12/2020)
MP3 CD (5/12/2020)
Compact Disc (5/12/2020)


All favors come with a cost, and after using what little favors he has in the Newark PD to get his private investigator's license, former crime reporter Russell Avery finds himself paying.

He spends his days reluctantly keeping sideways cops out of the crosshairs of the Internal Affairs department. Until Keyonna Jackson, a social justice activist, presents him with a troubling video: a made-for-Youtube cell phone snippet chronicling the same kind of questionable use-of-force that had set New York City, Ferguson, and Cleveland on fire in recent years. The same use-of-force that he's been covering up for Newark PD.

Now, the young black man who filmed this video is dead and the more questions Russell asks, the less his cop buddies like him. For the first time in his life, Russell finds himself on the wrong side of the guys with the badges and guns. When details of the shooting become public—and a city with race riots in its DNA flirts with the idea of letting history repeat itself—Russell finds himself allying with street activists and gang members as he races to put together the biggest story of his life . . . before the city he needs to tell it to burns down around him.

About the Author

Keith Sellon-Wright is a seasoned professional with a career in Hollywood spanning over thirty years. He has had the good fortune to work with some of Hollywood's seminal directors, including Christopher Guest and Spike Lee. His TV career includes some of the most important shows in TV history, going back to shows such as Wings, Frasier, Seinfeld, and The West Wing. More recently he's appeared on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, NCIS, Mad Men, and Parks and Recreation. The majority of Keith's audiobook work so far is nonfiction, ("I love what I get to learn!") but as a lifelong storyteller, he of course loves fiction too. Keith also serves as a "voice of the New York Times," narrating selected articles for the daily audio edition on Audible. He records from a "killer" booth he built at his residence in Southern California. The quickest way to Keith's heart-introduce him to a great new wine!