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I'm Not Done

It's Time to Talk about Ageism in the Workplace

Patti Temple Rocks


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When it comes to discrimination in the workplace, we've come a long way as a society. But there's still one systemically ignored form of discrimination that happens all the time, and it affects everyone: ageism. Ageism is real. It's widespread, insidious, and up until now, it's been largely hidden, due to the low rate of reporting from those who are pushed out of their jobs when they reach a certain age. With the largest demographic America has ever seen-baby boomers-now experiencing age discrimination at work, it's time to talk about this deeply hurtful and bad-for-business practice. In I'm Not Done, Patti Temple Rocks takes a deep dive into ageism in the workplace-what it looks like, how it harms people and businesses alike, and how business leaders can get on the right side of the issue. Patti's story, and the stories of those like her, create a powerful declaration and a movement to stop this last remnant of workplace discrimination in its tracks: #ImNotDone.

Lioncrest Publishing, 9781544512389, 178pp.

Publication Date: January 23, 2019