Destiny Reforged (Paperback)

By Adam Isailovic (Illustrator), David Murray Forrester

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 9781545452837, 278pp.

Publication Date: April 18, 2017

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After a chance encounter with a group of adventurers from a far off land, the strands of fate pull Ravage and Patsy in a direction from which they cannot abate. Harrowing trials will test their true strength and fortitude. Will their deeds become legend? Or will their flaming souls be extinguished, faded and forgotten...Born of the Phoenix is a heroic fantasy book series whose narrative is caught in the maelstrom of the domino principle, where the character's interactions within the ever-changing world shape and form unforeseen events and consequences for their deeds, be they of valour or malice. Destinies are forged and fates are sealed.

About the Author

David Murray Forrester (1981) While studying Education at Macquarie University to become a primary school teacher, David became inspired by the passion of the lecturers who were so absorbed and in love with their chosen field of study. David decided to leave university to follow his dreams of becoming a fantasy author. Growing up in the Blue Mountains in Australia he quickly developed a love of forests and adventure (much like the elves of Lothlorien). He spent the 80's watching cartoons such as Voltron, He-man and Astro boy and building Lego castles. As he continued aging his interest in cartoons evolved into an anime fascination with The Twelve Kingdoms and Berserk being at the top of his list. He enjoys Playstation, fast cars, Pepsi, cats and tomato sauce. His book writing began at an early age with short stories and over the years his passion for words grew and blossomed into his first novel Born of the Phoenix. David plans to continue his career in writing until he is old and grey. His two favourite authors are J.R.R Tolkien and Joe Dever.