Little Johnnie Goes to School (Paperback)

By Johnnie Myers Sr

Authorhouse, 9781546261315, 32pp.

Publication Date: February 14, 2019

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They say Little Johnnie can't read, he can't write or spell his name, he's depressed and has anxiety issues, he can't do basic math, and he has temper tantrums and social emotional issues. The question is, What are Little Johnnie's real issues? Why is he always searching for his father? Come along with me as we journey into the life and emotional struggles of Little Johnnie. How can he be helped with educational and social emotional issues? Children need parents and teachers to partner together to reach educational and social success. This series will bring to light strategies and ways we can help children reach educational and emotional success as lifelong learners.

About the Author

Johnnie Myers Sr. has served in the field of Early Childhood Education for the past 40yrs. Currently, he works for the Newark Public School district, Newark NJ, for the Office of Early childhood as a Teacher Coach. He is a Husband, Father of 3 sons, Grandfather of 8, and a Pastor. His experiences in Early childhood Education span community based and Head programs as well as Public School. He has worked as a Teacher Assistant, Teacher, Educational Specialist, Area Program coordinator, Resource Teacher, Master Teacher and has acquired many Training certificates relating to Early Childhood Education. He is the founder of Full Gospel Christian Academy in the city of Newark NJ. Johnnie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University and is a Certified Teacher. Johnnie enjoys Storytelling, singing and playing the bongos with his students. His Children's book "Little Johnnie Goes to School" is the first in a series to follow. It develops from the many years of going into classrooms and interacting with his students through the characters of Little Johnnie and his Dad (Mr. Myers). The Children enjoyed being a part of the story and telling him where they may find each other. It is Those experiences and interactions that lead Johnnie to begin to write the experiences of little Johnnie. The names have changed but the diagnoses are the same throughout the family structure. Whether suburban or urban it's always the same. Children regardless of class structure need their father. This book is for Educators and Parents and crosses all cultures and ethnicities. Let's all discover who Little Johnnie or sally really is, as for the first time and he has to separate from his father. Come along on a journey into the mind and heart of all the little Johnnie's discussed by Educators. I know you will discover how much of a difference you can make in the life of child.https: //