The Diary (Paperback)

Perdition Awaits

By Terry Beer

Authorhouse, 9781546286127, 978pp.

Publication Date: January 11, 2018

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Paperback (6/30/2018)

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A predator exists, one of flesh and bone, an inquisitive nature within the human mind to delve into lives of others. The Diary preys on one's need to satisfy a curiosity, enticing those to open its cover and face their innermost fears within a twelve-month term in order to survive, pages self-induced, giving written notice that a life far more interesting counteracts their own inside a subconscious state of mind. Children serve its needs, but one child escaped its clutches, needing to be reclaimed, giving an opportunity for Elfie Odges to right a wrong. A past victim strikes up a deal, enabling him to go home to a loving wife and son?but at a price. Meddling with the future, present, and past, Elfie must interact with Daniel Russell, aided by his best friend, Peter Sykes, in order to bring the girl, a future relation, back to her rightful home, taking her place amongst her true family, the children of the furnace. The Cauldron awaits, a former penal colony, with spirits of the past led by Jimmy Tidal sniffing out a future world to conquer, a man who needs to be stopped.