The Space Between Lost and Found (Hardcover)

By Sandy Stark-Mcginnis

Bloomsbury Children's Books, 9781547601233, 272pp.

Publication Date: April 28, 2020

List Price: 16.99*
* Individual store prices may vary.


Cassie's always looked up to her mom, a vivacious woman with big ideas and a mischievous smile. Together they planned to check off every item on a big-dream bucket list, no matter how far the adventure would take them. But then Mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, and everything changed.

Now, Cassie tries to keep Mom happy, and to understand some of Dad's restrictive new rules. She tries to focus on math lessons and struggles to come up with art ideas that used to just burst off her pen. When mom's memories started to fade, so did Cassie's inspiration. And even worse, she's accidentally pushed away Bailey, the one friend who could make it all okay.

After the worst Mom day yet, the day she forgets Cassie's name, Cassie decides to take action. It's time for one last adventure, even if it means lying and taking a big risk to get there. Sandy Stark-McGinnis, acclaimed author of Extraordinary Birds, explores big questions – the kind that don't always have answers – in a powerful story about family, friendship, and the memories that will always be part of us.

Praise For The Space Between Lost and Found

“A beautiful story filled with heart.” —Holly Goldberg Sloan, author of Counting by 7s and coauthor of To Night Owl from Dogfish, on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“An amazing debut -- filled with heart, lyrical prose, and a heroine who soars!” —Jewell Parker Rhodes, New York Times bestselling author of Ghost Boys, on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“A heartbreaking and hopeful story about a young girl who learns the power of kindness and the beauty of belonging.” —School Library Journal, starred review, on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“Poignant... This heartbreaking but ultimately redemptive middle grade novel shows the beauty of accepting one's true self and finding a place to belong.” —Foreword Reviews, starred review, on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“Stark-McGinnis nimbly constructs poignant relationships born of reciprocal patience, trust, and understanding, and December's connections with Eleanor, Cheryllynn, and the red-tailed hawk feel authentic and earned… This sensitive debut is a sincere and hopeful exploration of family, history, and belonging from a promising new voice.” —Publishers Weekly on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“Stark-McGinnis' prose is carefully crafted, direct, and convincing...appealingly hopeful.” —Kirkus Reviews on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“This ably constructed first-person narrative is meant to tug at the heartstrings and it surely does, encouraging readers to hope for a happy ending to this affecting story.” —Booklist on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“Stark-McGinnis adds a vivid artistic flourish with the avian theme [and] writes with smooth sympathy… This is a gracefully written modern take on the orphan story.” —BCCB on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“Emotional, bittersweet, and ultimately uplifting. In her first novel, author Sandy Stark-McGinnis deftly walks the line between showing the sadness and uncertainty in main character December's life without letting the story get too intense or heavy. December is a great characte.... Her narrative is engaging and heart-rending, showing how kids in tough circumstances have to protect themselves emotionally.....This is an excellent read for middle-grade readers and up.” —Common Sense Media on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“An emotional tale about finding one's home and facing one's truth...An extraordinary debut!” —Ellie Terry, author of Forget Me Not, on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS

“This soulful story will wing its way straight into your heart.” —Jess Keating, zoologist and author of the My Life is a Zoo series, on EXTRAORDINARY BIRDS