Woman Chased by Crows (Hardcover)

By Marc Strange

ECW Press, 9781550229691, 403pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2012



Dockerty police chief Orwell Brennan has his hands full. The town’s mayor keeps trying to use him for re-election while her slick, out-of-town challenger is smearing him every chance he gets. Meanwhile, Brennan’s middle daughter is getting married soon, his youngest is starting to notice boys, his wife has him on a diet, and someone keeps stealing his favorite cookies. Things take an ironic turn for the worse when a Toronto police officer, who was in town to investigate a local murder, is killed in his hotel room. The victim was about to interview the eccentric local dance teachera former Russian ballet star who has dark secrets in her past, some unsavory associates, and a slippery way with the truth. One of Brennan’s officers teams up with the dead cop’s ex-partner, and the two uncover a ring of shady pawnbrokers, crooked cops, and Russian thugs, all of whom are after one thing: the Sacred Ember, a very rare ruby once owned by the Tsarina herself.

About the Author

Marc Strange is a writer, an actor, and the author of "Body Blows," "Follow Me Down," and "Sucker Punch." He is the cocreator of the hit television series "The Beachcombers," having written, directed, and edited more than 70 episodes, and he appeared in the Canadian television program "ReGenesis." He lives in Toronto.