Baby Koala (Hardcover)

By Aubrey Lang, Wayne Lynch (Photographer)

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 9781550418743, 36pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2004



In an Australian eucalyptus forest, a baby koala sleeps inside her mother's pouch. At first she isn't curious about her surroundings and never leaves the warmth and safety of the furry pouch. When she is six months old, she finally crawls out for the first time. Later the little one rides on her mother's back when they search the forest for tender leaves to eat. The young koala has lots to learn before she faces the outside world alone, including the greatest danger of all - a forest fire.

Original color photographs taken in the wild Simple, informative stories Includes a Did You Know? Section of interesting facts Complete with introduction, table of contents, and index for parents and teachers A fine introduction to nature for preschoolers and primary readers

About the Author

Aubrey Lang and Dr. Wayne Lynch are a husband and wife writer/photographer team. Aubrey has spent the last eighteen years as a freelance writer and photographer. Wayne has been a fulltime science writer, and wildlife photographer for twenty-eight years. His images have been published in more than forty countries.