Leper Tango (Paperback)

By David MacKinnon

Guernica Editions, 9781550713671, 300pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2012



Leper Tango is an end of millennium tale of an ambulance chasing lawyer who uses his ill-gotten gains to whore and drink in Paris, where he falls for a dead-end, suicidal femme fatale named Sheba. The first part of a trilogy of novels (The Graveyard Of The Innocents), some set in Europe and others set in Quebec, Leper Tango recounts the lunar trajectory of Franck Robinson - a self-confessed member of "the despised and despicable sub-species of skirt-chaser known as the john." During one of Franck's regular free-falls into the Parisian night, he meets Sheba, who moves from being Franck's favourite hooker to being Franck's obsession.

About the Author

"A lawyer by training, David MacKinnon has worked in oilfields and morgues, lumberyards and even in the courtroom. He has brawled in Alberta and been kicked out of the Seychelles. He has authored eight novels, the latest being The Eel, the tale of a man who sets out to bring the ashes of writer Blaise Cendrars to the Sargasso Sea.. "