Dinosaurs (Paperback)

By Whitecap Books

Walrus Books, 9781552850657, 64pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2000



Can you imagine a world in which palm trees grew in Alaska and there were coral reefs in the mountains of Canada? Well, the world of the dinosaurs was much warmer than it is today and the climate suited them perfectly. Many different types of dinosaurs lived together, from the Brachiosaurus (as tall as a four-story building and heavier than ten adult elephants) to dinosaurs no bigger than a chicken. Some of these were ferocious meat-eaters and some were gentle giants that ate only plants. Over millions of years the landscape changed and so did the creatures that roamed the land. And then, the dinosaurs died out What happened to them? Do you have any theories? But what if there was still one left alive and you were lucky enough to keep a baby dinosaur as a pet?