Raging River (Paperback)

By Pam Withers

Walrus Books, 9781552855102, 174pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2003



When Jake gets an opportunity be part of the crew for an eight-day whitewater rafting trip along the Cattibone River, he jumps at it. Not even the news that his kayaking rival, Peter, is coming along as a paying customer can dampen his excitement. Riding down the isolated Cattibone River with its dangerous Class IV rapids will be the perfect opportunity to prove to his boss that he's ready to be promoted from company "gofer" to river guide, even though he's only 15 years old.

The rafting adventure starts smoothly, but just three days in, things start to go tragically wrong. One of the guides is badly injured, and when a grizzly bear enters the camp and destroys one of the rafts, the group is in danger of being stranded in the wilderness. It is up to Jake and Peter to pit their kayaking skills against the mighty Cattibone River. Alone, the two boys attempt to kayak over 160 kilometres of whitewater rapids to summon help. Racing against time and wilderness dangers, they must overcome their rivalry and work together. Will they make it in time?