Drugs (Paperback)

By Jonathan Rees

Walrus Books, 9781552857434, 64pp.

Publication Date: February 4, 2006



Not just another book about illicit drugs, Drugs asks important questions about medicinal drugs as well as drugs of abuse. Why do so many people take drugs? How harmful and addictive are they? Why are so many antibiotics no longer working? Should all drugs be legalized?

About the Global Issues series: Examining important issues affecting our world, for young readers. This series explores a controversial topic via one person's experiences followed by an examination of the facts offered by a panel of specially selected experts and supported by a wealth of resource materials. Each title is written by an educator and is well-researched and carefully edited to be a significant and useful resource for young readers at home and school. Adults, too, will appreciate the open and sensitive treatment of each subject.

About the Author

Jonathan Rees has worked as a researcher and writer on a number of social issues books for young people. A qualified teacher, he has written for the Independent newspaper on education and consumer issues.