Maya, Aztecs and Incas (Board Books)

By Oldrich Ruzicka, Pavla Kleinova (Illustrator)

Firefly Books, 9781554079339, 30pp.

Publication Date: July 21, 2011



The new Shape Books series brings the ancient world to three-dimensional life and reveals the most interesting topics from some of the world's most important empires.

Each title is a self-boxed 3-D board book that replicates an iconic structure from an ancient civilization. Page-filling color illustrations and concise text take young readers back in time, where they discover how people lived and what their world looked like. Engaging, interactive and informative, Shape Books are sure to be a hit with curious readers.

This book describes the three most important pre-Columbian civilizations in Mesoamerica and how, despite advanced knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and architecture, they eventually disappeared. Topics include language, personal decoration, diet, architecture, city life, sacrificial rites, weaponry, the Maya and Aztec calendars, religion and decorative arts.

About the Author

Oldrich Ruzicka, a former teacher, is the author of several technical books and more than 10 children's books. Pavla Kleinova is a professional artist and graphic designer.