My Parents Are Sex Maniacs...: A High School Horror Story (Hardcover)

A High School Horror Story

By Robyn Harding

Annick Press, 9781554511792, 236pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2009



Louise Harrison's folks are destroying any chance she has of enjoying 11th grade...

Sixteen-year-old Louise Harrison is insecure about a lot of things: her hair, her fashion sense and her "big-boned" build. At least her social status is secure because her BFF (best friend forever), Sienna Marshall, is a certified member of the mega-watt crowd.

But all hell breaks loose when Louise's brother walks in on their father, Len, and her friend Sienna's mother, Sunny, in a flagrantly compromising position. Soon after, Len and Sunny move in together.

When Sunny decides to return home to her family, everyone lays blame for the entire fiasco on one guy, and Louise calls him dad. Louise instantly loses her BFF and is ostracized by the "it" girls at school. Just when it appears things couldn't get worse, Louise's mom announces she's pregnant-and the baby's father is Louise's math teacher

Wry and melodramatic, smart and spirited, Louise is a typical girl who just wants to fit in. This fun and upbeat novel will captivate readers as they enter Louise's wildly topsy-turvy world.

About the Author

Robyn Harding's six previous humorous novels, including "The Journal of Mortifying Moments," have left readers laughing in no less than eight countries around the world. This is her first work for young adults. She lives in Vancouver, BC.