Hoaxed!: Fakes & Mistakes in the World of Science (Hardcover)

Fakes & Mistakes in the World of Science

By Editors of Yes Mag

Kids Can Press, 9781554532063, 48pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2009



Scientists are smart people, trained to be skeptical and to test their hypotheses. But sometime hoaxes, fakes and mistakes rock their world. Hoaxed uncovers and explains 17 brilliantly bogus stories from the history of science. You'll find usual suspects such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, as well as some lesser known but fascinating stories: phony ancient bones, a ?lost? tribe who weren't what they seemed, a UFO crash landing and many more. The combination of far-out facts, archival photos and comical illustrations keeps science interesting for youngsters. Hoaxed is a sure way to promote a high level of science literacy, keep kids questioning their world and get their hoax antennae twitching.
Hoaxes include:
? Crop circles made by a couple of British hoaxers that ended up creating a cultural phenomenon
? Cold fusion, the scientific ?discovery? that promised humanity cheap, clean fuel forever
? A fake ?Stone Age? tribe in the Philippines that caused a global media frenzy.

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