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Cover for Nocturne


Dream Recipes

Isol, Elisa Amado (Translator)


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Nocturne: Dream Recipes is a unique bedtime book that hints at the magic inherent in dreaming.
Twelve glow-in-the dark pictures present possible inspirations for a night in which the hidden world becomes visible. Just choose a dream from among the pictures and descriptions in the book, and then turn off the light to see a surprising glow-in-the-dark image. Included are dreams such as the dream of going far away, the boring book dream, the dream of the cat who smelled the tuna casserole, and even the drawn dream (which children can create themselves).

Once again Isol's extraordinary creativity and humor have produced a truly wonderful, very original book.

Excerpt (from the back cover):
A boring dream is a waste of a night
In this book you will find adventurous dreams, silly dreams, funny dreams, even slightly scary dreams. All you have to do is follow these instructions:
  1. Choose one of the dreams in the book after reading the titles and looking at the pictures.
  2. Before you go to sleep, open the book to the dream you've chosen, and place it on your night table under a bright light. Make sure you can see the picture when you are lying down.
  3. Turn out the light
  4. You will see the luminous traces that the dream left behind on the page. Look for as long as you like, then close your eyes and follow the dream to its hiding place.
This glow-in-the-dark book will make sure that no night is wasted. Sweet dreams.

Praise For Nocturne: Dream Recipes

Publishers Weekly

Isol provides fodder for sweet (and sometimes not-so-sweet) dreams in a beguiling book built around glow-in-the-dark technology. As children lift each vertically oriented, spiral-bound page, Isol offers a loose sketch of a potential dream: a “boring book Dream” pictures a boy asleep with a book under a tree, while “The Dream of going far away” shows a lonely house on a hill. These scenes and others are imaginatively transformed in the dark when hidden images appear in phosphorescent green: frightening animals peer over the boy in the “boring book” scene (not so boring after all), while the house becomes a rocket to an alien world (complete with aliens) in the latter. Ages 4–up. (Sept.)

Kirkus Reviews

This innovative title puts a spin on bedtime reading but ends up being more of a gift book with an interesting premise than a children's picture book that can deliver on its promise. Unique physical design is immediately apparent as a spiral binding at the top of the book invites readers to flip pages from the bottom, while the back cover folds out into a base that enables the book to stand upright like an easel. Introductory text says that "this book offers a list of possible dreams and inspiring visions that will guide your sleeping hours." Instructions for carrying out the "dream recipes" follow, telling readers to select a page, put it under bright light for five minutes and then turn out the lights to see the glowing "traces that the dream leaves behind" in order to then follow them in one's sleep. The dreamscapes have brief text introducing each scene: "The Dream of the dead singer"; "The cozy, warm Dream." The scenes themselves have spare illustrations that then reveal richer glow-in-the-dark-details. Design ultimately trumps the conceit, however, since child readers might hinge their expectations on actually having dreams inspired by the pictures. A clever idea, but one that is better suited to older readers as a gift book than to young children's bedtime routines. (Novelty. 10-14)

Groundwood Books, 9781554981793, 32pp.

Publication Date: August 26, 2012