Childhood Ear Infections: A Parent's Guide to Alternative Treatments (Paperback)

A Parent's Guide to Alternative Treatments

By Michael A. Schmidt, Theodore Dimon, Jr.

North Atlantic Books, 9781556434426, 211pp.

Publication Date: January 21, 2004



Research increasingly questions the safety and efficacy of antibiotics in treating ear infections in small children. This guide explores the underlying causes of the problem and suggests new strategies. The author discusses diet, homeopathic care, and children's vitamin absorption process. The book includes a checklist that advises parents when they should take their children to the doctor, and provides specific questions to ask in determining the appropriateness of antibiotics or surgery.

About the Author

Dr. Michael A. Schmidt is the author of "Beyond Antibiotics, Brain-Building Nutrition, Childhood Ear Infections," and "Tired of Being Tired." He did his Ph.D. research in molecular medicine and biochemistry within the Life Sciences Division at NASA Ames Research Center, with studies in neuroscience and metabolomics at Lancaster University. He teaches in the Metabolomics Training Program at the University of Colorado, and he works closely with the human disease modeling laboratory (3-D tissue analogues group) and with the human space flight initiative of the suborbital research group at NASA. He has applied his work in functional genomics and metabolomics to human disease states, as well as to methods to enhance human performance. Dr. Schmidt co-founded Sovaris Aerospace, which addresses problems of complexity in space biomedicine, along with Cyvia Neurosystems, which develops EEG-based neurophysiology tools. He is a gifted communicator, who has spent his career translating complex topics in science and medicine to general audiences.

Praise For Childhood Ear Infections: A Parent's Guide to Alternative Treatments

"There are better ways of managing children's ear problems. Dr. Schmidt's comprehensively researched and referenced new book provides answers parents and professionals are seeking. My recommendation."
- William G. Crook, M.D.