Magical Parent Magical Child (Paperback)

The Art of Joyful Parenting

By Michael Mendizza, Joseph Chilton Pearce

North Atlantic Books, 9781556434976, 232pp.

Publication Date: May 10, 2004

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This parenting guide presents seven principles for guiding and teaching children in today's turbulent learning environment. It replaces traditional adult-child formulas, rewards, and punishments with playful interaction, creative intelligence, and insight. With the goal of raising happy, healthy, intelligent young people, the book adopts proven strategies that allow top athletes and others to perform at high levels, called variously "zone," "flow," and "play." Using these concepts, parents and other caregivers will learn how to create and maintain "Optimum Learning Relationships" with children of any age.

About the Author

A documentary filmmaker for two decades and founder of Touch The Future, a nonprofit learning design center, Michael Mendizza builds bridges of understanding between the visionary educational and research community and adults who are mentoring the future of humanity. Michael has been inspired by and has worked closely with David Bohrm, J. Krishnamurti, Ashley Montagu, and his close friend Joseph Chilton Peace.

Respected internationally for his visionary understanding of child and human development, Joseph Chilton Pearce is the author of Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, Magical Child Matures, Bond of Power, Evolution's End, and most recently The Biology of Transcendence. His lifelong passion has been understanding and describing our "amazing capacities and self inflicted limitations." Joe's vision of the Magical Child and our transcendent nature continues to inspire audiences around the world.

Praise For Magical Parent Magical Child: The Art of Joyful Parenting

"An extraordinary blueprint...A must for all those seeking a more evolved way to parent or coach."
—Michael Murphy, author of In the Zone, Golf in the Kingdom, and Future of the Body

"This remarkable book invites us to reconsider basic assumptions about learning, teaching, and being with children. It is a rare synthesis of visionary thinking and practicality that will immediately benefit parents, teachers, and children."
—Rahima Baldwin Dancy, author of You Are Your Child's First Teacher

"Every parent and grandparent should read this book, study it, demand that it reveal its secrets, and watch the whole world transform itself as a result."
—Peter Kline, author of Why American Children Can't Think