Angela Thirkell's World (Paperback)

By Barbara Burrell

Moyer Bell, 9781559212892, 448pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2001



Barsetshire has been the subject of two series. First, Anthony Trollope developed the sequence novels with the first Barsetshire in the mid-nineteenth century. Angela Thirkell, in her twenty-nine novels set in the twentieth century Barsetshire, has perfected the form. Barsetshire is an imaginary west country county populated with people, towns, villages, estates and all the things necessary to create a rural society not so far from London in custom or protocol. This book is a reference work designed to help readers find their way through the thicket of Angela Thirkell's creations. Since she began populating her mythical Barsetshire in the early 1930's and then wrote one a book a year, it is no wonder that even the author occasionally lost track of what she had done with a few a them