Fence Jumpers (Paperback)

By Robert Leuci

Moyer Bell, 9781559213486

Publication Date: October 1, 2009



It was one of those Irish joints, a spot where you sucked down tap beer from paper cups, got loaded, then pulled chicks under the boardwalk. At night, if you got lucky, you could watch JoJo fistfight off-duty cops. Like JoJo and Dante, Jimmy was nineteen, and he loved every hour of every day of each week of his life. As adults, Dante O'Donnell followed his dead father into the police force; Jimmy Burns, closer than a blood brother, went along. JoJo Paradiso's future was preordained: He would be, first, an underboss in his father's crime family, eventually stepping into Salvator Paradiso's shoes. When Detectives O'Donnell and Burns are assigned to get the goods on JoJo Paradiso, it can't be a simple matter of cop against crook.