What's the State of Your Union?: Instant Relationship Self-Diagnosis (Paperback)

Instant Relationship Self-Diagnosis

By Maurice Taylor, Seanna McGee

Moyer Bell, 9781559213622, 208pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2007



This book begins with a quiz for couples. The score of readers' test results will identify strengths or weaknesses in each of the Ten New Laws of Love. This analysis is a functional Instant Relationship Self-Diagnosis. Based on the scores from the test, readers will be directed to one or more of the ten chapters, each chapter a synopsis of one of the Ten New Laws of Love. The relationship, being a combination and consequence of these strengths or weaknesses, can now be changed or reworked. Couples can now move forward with the awareness of what is and is not right for the relationship. In many ways this book is a primer for the longer and much more comprehensive The New Couple. What Is the State of Your Union serves as a mini-education of The Ten New Laws of Love, the principles that form the foundation of The New Couple.