Legacies of Love (Hardcover)

A Heritage of Queer Bonding

By Winston Wilde, Vern L. Bullough

Routledge, 9781560236641, 222pp.

Publication Date: February 25, 2008

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Paperback (1/1/2008)

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Legacies of Love: A Heritage of Queer Bonding presents a fascinating study of human relationships through the remarkable love stories of famous gays and lesbians around the world and throughout history. Winston Wilde, sexologist and psychotherapist author, examines human bonding patterns using factual case studies of famous same-sex relationships. Expertly weaving reference and narrative, Wilde shows a spectrum of authentic, unembellished, and captivating gay and lesbian relationships that defied cultural, generational, and social barriers.

His encyclopedic book covers both well known and surprising same-sex affairs of renowned figures like Oscar Wilde, Margaret Mead, Rita Mae Brown, Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Freddie Mercury, Lawrence of Arabia, and Danny Kaye. An engaging and thouroughly researched account of queer bonding, Legacies of Love shatters the false and negative notion that love is exclusively heterosexual. It is a true gift to LGBT people everywhere who have been denied the truth of their history of love.

About the Author

Winston Wilde, MA, DHS, is a sexologist and a psychotherapist in private practice in Beverly Hills. Dr. Wilde's research includes his pioneering studies into the sexualities of blind persons. He has spoken internationally on the subject of queer love. This volume is the culmination of fourteen years of research.