Why Do They Kill Me? (Paperback)

By Tim Kreider

Fantagraphics Books, 9781560976639, 136pp.

Publication Date: July 17, 2005

List Price: 14.95*
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  • The Girls of Hamas calendar
  • The artist's conception of "Negropolis" (Strom Thurmond's proposal for a lunar colony for the repatriation of African-Americans)
  • John Ashcroft imagining eating Donald Rumsfeld as their bunker crumbles around them
  • U.S. jets bombing the Great Pyramids in the War on Horror
  • An analysis of the all-important Shithead Vote
  • An expose of the link between homosexuality and terrorism
  • And an ashen stake driven, just as a precaution, through Ronald Reagan's heart
Cynical, astute, blackly hilarious, and deeply biased, these cartoons are neither the superficial, obvious jibes that appear in your daily paper's editorial section nor the didactic left-wing rants syndicated in your local alternative weekly; they are the artistic equivalent of hollow-point bullets fired from a high-powered rifle with a laser sight directly into the brain of the Bush administration.