Spirited Men: Story, Soul and Substance (Paperback)

Story, Soul and Substance

By Brian Doyle

Cowley Publications, 9781561012589, 148pp.

Publication Date: January 25, 2004



In this remarkable collection of essays, acclaimed writer Brian Doyle offers resurrections, restorations, reconsiderations, appreciations, enthusiasms, headlong solos, laughing prayers, imaginary meetings with most unusual and most interesting men. Geographically and chronologically diverse Plutarch of Greece; William Blake of England; Robert Louis Stevenson of Scotland; James Joyce and Van Morrison of Ireland; and others Doyle sees them as men of immense spiritual substance, prayerful fury, enormous grace, men concerned with the moral grapple and the sinuous crucial puzzle of love. In telling the stories of these talented, troubled, and extraordinary men, Doyle discerns clues about how to be a good man, headlong in the pursuit of love and capable of greatness.