The Brain Finds a Leg (Hardcover)

By Martin Chatterton

Peachtree Publishers, 9781561455034, 212pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2009



Something strange is happening in Farrago Bay and Sheldon McGlone is going to get to the bottom of it. The local wildlife is behaving strangely and so are some of the grown-ups, particularly his teacher, the weird and elusive Miss Fleming. It doesnt help that Sheldon is being relentlessly pursued by bulliesincluding his older brother! Just when things couldnt get much worse, a new kid turns up in Sheldons classroom. Theophilus Brain, aka The Brain, has an excessive imagination and a lot of odd ideas about what is ailing Farrago Bay. With a missing human leg and a crocodile who likes to play fetch as clues, Sheldon and the Brain turn detective and uncover a web of evil that stretches across two continents. Author Martin Chatterton has crafted a wonderfully imaginative mystery that features memorable, well-drawn characters and an over-the-top storyline. The surprising and occasionally hilarious plot twists will engage and delight young readers.