Star Gazer (Hardcover)

By Chris Platt

Peachtree Publ, 9781561455966, 184pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2011



Thirteen-year-old Jordan McKenzie loves draft horsesgentle giants, as theyre known in the horse industry. Her favorite is the sweet, dependable Black Percheron, and she hopes that her mom will let her have one someday. But considering they dont own even one animal on the small farm they rent in their new southern Michigan town, that seems very unlikely. Jordans fortunes change at a local livestock auction. With the help of a Mennonite boy, Jacob Yoder, she and her mom bid on a draft mare who is in danger of being sold to a slaughterhouse. Shes thrilled to become the proud owner of a large, two-thousand-pound draft horse named Star Gazer. But Jordans joy is short-lived when she learns that her new horse, once the winner of many log pulling contests, is lame and depressed due to years of neglect. Furious, Jordan vows to beat Star Gazers former owner in the state pulling contest at the end of the summerbut can she get Star Gazers health and confidence back?