Field of Blood (Compact Disc, Abridged)

By Denise Mina (A), Heather O'Neill (4)

HighBridge Audio, 9781565119642

Publication Date: July 1, 2005



A neophyte journalist becomes intimately involved in her first assignment: a brutal murder. The explosive start of a new series by the author of the acclaimed "Garnethill" trilogy.

Little Brian Wilcox s murder is the hottest story in Scotland. Every major newspaper crowds its pages with stories examining the crime from every angle. If only Paddy Meehan could get a scoop on the case. A nationally syndicated story would surely launch her fledgling journalism career out of the free local rag she s been working at.

But when the connection Paddy had been hoping for finally comes, it only threatens her career and family. Callum, her fiance Sean s young cousin, is implicated in Brian s murder, and when Paddy foolishly confides in her equally ambitious coworker, Heather, all hell breaks loose. Heather betrays her and sells the story to a major newspaper, making the entire Meehan clan turn on Paddy. The only way Paddy can redeem herself in their eyes is to clear Callum s name. As Glasgow buzzes with the scandal, Paddy notices a similarity between Brian s murder and the murder of a local boy several years earlier. Using her investigative skills, Paddy sets out to solve the murder."