Golfing with God (Hardcover)

By Roland Merullo

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 9781565125018, 277pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2005



This is the story of a journey-- from heaven to earth and back again. For Herman " Hank" Fins-Winston, that journey begins one idyllic morning-- as all mornings are in heaven-- when he is summoned to play a round of golf with God. Yes, "that" God. The Almighty. The one with the capital "G," And yes, Hank really is in heaven, a fact he finds truly amusing because, for one reason or another, a fair percentage of golfers never make it to paradise, and because he himself was no angel in his former life.
It seems that God is having some trouble with His (or Her: God is funny that way) putting game, and believes that Hank, who was a golf pro on earth, can fix His case of " the yips." But as they play the heavenly courses both in paradise and back on earth, Hank comes to realize that what began as a golf lesson has become much more, and that rather than teaching God about the game, it is he himself who is learning the lessons-- about fearing failure, about second chances, about the connectedness of all living things, about not taking the next breath for granted, and about our God-given ability to improve ourselves-- one stroke at a time.
Funny and uplifting, "Golfing with God" is a beautifully realized novel that takes the reader on one ordinary man's most unexpected passage.