Surviving Iraq: Soldier's Stories (Paperback)

Soldier's Stories

By Elise Forbes Tripp

Olive Branch Press, 9781566566933, 274pp.

Publication Date: October 30, 2007



The Iraq war is being fought by an all-volunteer army recruited from working-class America, and it is these men and women who are the stars of Tripp's powerfully moving book. Surviving Iraq: Soldiers' Stories is the result of a close collaboration between the author and thirty veterans who tell their stories of the invasion, occupation, and ongoing insurgency in Iraq. As fighters, these soldiers have faced urban warfare against an unidentifiable enemy; as women they have guarded against assault from their male comrades; as military personnel they have lived on bases that have modern movie theaters, gyms, the internet. Burger Kings and Pizza Huts, all in the midst of a dangerous conflict. Almost half a million soldiers have served in the four years of this war, but each story is a unique version of what it is like to serve in war, and to survive it. Such narratives should be at the center of the national dialogue on the war.