Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis (Aimee Leduc Investigations) (Paperback)

By Cara Black

Soho Crime, 9781569474754, 294pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2008



Parisian P.I. Aimee Leduc finds herself caring for an abandoned infant while trying to track down the child's missing mother
Aimee Leduc is on a tight work deadline when an anonymous call leads her to an abandoned infant in her building's courtyard. Aimee's search for little Stella's mother that will soon have her on the run from a cold-hearted killer and embroiled in a conflict between oil tycoons and environmental protesters.
Parisian private investigator Aimee Leduc is working on a tight deadline for a cybersecurity contract when she gets a phone call that disrupts all her progress. The female voice on the other end begs Aimee to go out into her courtyard, insists that her life is in danger, that Aimee must not call the police, then hangs up. Aimee's project is in jeopardy, and her partner, Rene, will be furious if she botches this assignment, but she can t ignore the distress in the mysterious caller's voice. That doesn t mean she's prepared for what she finds in the courtyard, though: a newborn baby, wrapped in a blood-stained beaded jacket.
Aimee wants to track down the baby's mother, but when a young woman's body washes up in the Seine on the shores of the Ile Saint-Louis, the little island where Aimee herself lives, she realizes the situation is very dangerous. Paris has been rife with bomb threats linked to protesting environmental groups, and with a little investigating Aimee becomes convinced the baby, the body in the Seine, and the protests are somehow linked. Not that Aimee can afford distraction from her paying work right now--Leduc Detective is in bad financial straits. But despite themselves, Aimee and Rene have both fallen in love with the baby girl, whom Aimee nicknames Stella. Taking care of Stella's needs and protecting her from whoever hurt or killed her missing mother must take priority over their computer security contract with a big publicity firm. Meanwhile, she's following leads to the infant's mother that take her to a radical dispossessed Polish prince, a community of homeless people who live in the sewer caves of the Seine, and a sexy documentary film maker. Can Aimee finish her security job, figure out who Stella belongs to, track down the missing mother, and protect herself and her friends from the danger that is circling them, all while juggling a newborn infant?

About the Author

Cara Black is the author of sixteen books in the"New York Times"bestselling Aimee Leduc series. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and visits Paris frequently."

Praise For Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis (Aimee Leduc Investigations)

Praise for the Aimée Leduc series:
“One of the best heroines in crime fiction.”—Lee Child
“Haunting.”—The New York Times Book Review

“The Parisienne Kinsey Millhone.”—Los Angeles Times
“One of the best new writers in the field today.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review