Bad Teacher's Equation, Volume 2 (Paperback)

By Kazuma Kodaka, Kazuma Kodaka (Artist)

Digital Manga Publishing, 9781569702147, 404pp.

Publication Date: November 22, 2011



  • Three months after enrolling at Jougaoka High School to pursue his childhood crush Maa-chan, and mistaking said Maa-chan's brother for him, Atsushi has a new mission Convinced that this brother, Masayoshi, is his true soul mate, Atsushi begins to ardently pursue his reluctant prey. All the while, Atsushi is being romantically pursued by his best friend, Inagaki, while classmate and BL fan-girl Yuriko stalks the trio with her ever-present camera. When Maa-chan and Masayoshi take their club's employees away for a group holiday to Hawaii, things begin to escalate. Fun and hi-jinks ensue as schemes go awry in the latest release of the classic romantic comedy, Bad Teacher's Equation