Memoire Sexuel: The Erotic Diary of a French Girl in Spain (Paperback)

The Erotic Diary of a French Girl in Spain

By Valerie Tasso

Amorata Press, 9781569755600, 336pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2006



As a well-bred middle-class French girl, Valerie Tasso radiates a sophistication and poise that Spanish men find irresistable. She also possesses an insatiable sexual appetite. On the pages of "Memoire Sexuel," these two elements ignite into a riveting tale of sexual promiscuity.
In this very personal diary, Valerie passionately describes her many sexual encounters with friends and strangers alike. The story dramatically turns when a sudden financial crisis convinces Valerie to begin a new life as a high-class call girl in Madrid. From sex in a graveyard to fetish play, Valerie finds this life far more enjoyable than she could ever have hoped.
Her amazing sexual evolution and ironic rebirth through prostitution ultimately liberates Valerie as she learns to appreciate her true self.

About the Author

Valerie Tasso was born in France and lives in Spain. She has worked at a senior level in corporate PR, and is now an actress and journalist. She recently had a small part playing herself in the 2004 Spain film starring Darryl Hannah called "Yo Puta," aka "Whore."