Notes from a 12 Man: A Truly Biased History of the Seattle Seahawks (Hardcover)

A Truly Biased History of the Seattle Seahawks

By Mark Tye Turner

Sasquatch Books, 9781570616020, 288pp.

Publication Date: August 4, 2009



Before Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson, there was Steve Largent and Jim Zorn! As the Seattle Seahawks prepare for Super Bowl XLVIII, football fans will enjoy this rollicking team history as seen through the eyes of an obsessive fan. Since the franchise's beginnings more than 30 years ago, there's no doubt who has been the greatest member of the Seattle Seahawks. After all, who was there at the opening of the Kingdome only to watch that fabled stadium, years later, turn to dust? Who endured the embarrassment of The Boz? And who was there during Super Bowl XL to witness the team lose to the game officials? Oh yeah, that's right. We, the 12th man, were there. Living up to our reputation as some of the loudest, most supportive fans in the NFL. Notes from a 12 Man isn't just the team's history, it's our history. Author Mark Tye Turner, a television writer who's been a 12th man since Day One, tells it like it is and in obsessive detail. This book will make you laugh, wince, cheer, and learn everything you ever need to know about the Seattle Seahawks--and then some!

About the Author

Mark Tye Turner is an Emmy Award-winning television writer and produer whose credits include E!'s Talk Soup and the reality TV show Blind Date. Born and raised in the Seattle area, he has closely followed the Seahawks since they first strutted onto the artificial turf of the Kingdome in 1976.

Praise For Notes from a 12 Man: A Truly Biased History of the Seattle Seahawks

"Notes from a 12 Man is a fan's account of the long and storied history of the Seattle Seahawks from Jack Patera, Bill the Beer Man, Kenny Easley, and Efren Herrera to Matt Hasselbeck. ...Over the years, I have seen numerous attempts at presenting the Seahawks history in writing. But there have not been any done as well as Notes from a 12 Man. I found myself reading the text and alternately laughing, crying, cringing, and shouting out loud!
—Steve Largent

"Mark Turner writes about the Seahawks with childlike fascination. . . It's a great read for Seahawk fans and fans of pro football, period."
—Kenny Mayne, ESPN

"In this sustained howl of happiness, hilarity, and horror, Mark Turner perfectly captures the (fundamentally weird) essence of the Seahawk franchise. No Seahawk fan, serious or casual, can afford to do without this book."
—Fred Moody, author of Seattle and the Demons of Ambition

"…a detailed, humorous and sometimes pained fan perspective of the franchise's 33 years of existence. [Turner] covers everything—from his magical memories of watching his first game at the Kingdome to the tense period when Ken Behring almost moved the team, to quirky, who-woulda-thunk-it trivia about the team."
—Seattle Times

"Turner's book is packed with . . . specific and funny Seahawks moments. Some of them we remembered, some of them we'd forgotten, some of them (especially the pre-1983 stuff) we'd never known. It's a book that will sit on our bookshelf probably until we die, ready to supply a quick trip down memory lane whenever we desire it."

"I can say without hyperbole that not only is this the best book ever written about the Seattle Seahawks, it's one of the best sports books I've ever read, period. Full stop."
—Dave Krieg's Strike Beard

"The book is a must read for any and all Seahawks fans, as it provides a thorough and very entertaining historical look at the team through the eyes of a true 12th Man."
—Seahawks Gab

"If you've been searching for a comprehensive, conversationally-toned, boosterish history of the Seattle Seahawks, composed entirely of short, bathroom-length entries, search no longer. And, yes, that may sound like an absurd 'if' but the Hawks are sports lifeblood in these parts, and every fan has memories he or she would like to relive, or even just confirm. Enter television writer Mark Tye Turner and his Notes From a 12 Man: A Truly Biased History of the Seattle Seahawks... Recalling everything from the team's trade of Ahmad Rashad to Steve Largent's epic revenge hit on Denver safety Mike Harden, it's enough to put even the most Cliff Claven of us to shame."
—Seattle Weekly