Signs of the Unseen: The Discourses of Jalaluddin Rumi (Paperback)

The Discourses of Jalaluddin Rumi

By W. M. Thackston

Shambhala, 9781570625329, 292pp.

Publication Date: October 19, 1999



This translation of Rumi's Fihi ma Fihi should easily become the standard English edition of this important collection of his discourses, conversations, and commentaries on various and sundry topics. In many cases the discussions preserved in this book provide the most sustained exposition available of Rumi's thought on a given topic.

About the Author

Dr. Wheeler Thackston, Jr., is a professor of Middle Eastern Languages and Literature at Harvard University. Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273) was not only a poet, mystic, and the founder of a Sufi order, he was a man of profound insight into the nature of human existence and possibly the greatest mystical poet of any age.