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Fatigue Prescription

Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health, and Life

Linda Hawes Clever, Dr. Dean Ornish (Foreword by)


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Dr. Linda Clever has developed a do-it-yourself tool kit with The Fatigue Prescription, based on years of medical practice, life experience, and the success of RENEW. Filled with easy self-assessments, informational charts, and sound advice from a physician who healed herself, this book will help you avoid illness, reset priorities, and most importantly, regain your health and happiness.

Are you living your to-do list rather than living your life? Many of us run from task to task and are burning the nearly non-existent candle at both ends. We are sleep-deprived, overworked, overwhelmed, and undernourished in body and soul. We slam energy drinks, gnaw energy bars, and constantly drink caffeine to keep going as our adrenal glands struggle to keep up. Most of us are one health crisis away from financial devastation--and yet, we are hurtling towards physical breakdown each over-scheduled day. Our lives demand too much of us; when everything is a priority, this can make us sick and tired. Dr. Clever discovered the personal cost of this lifestyle and has since devoted herself to helping people renew themselves and regain balance in life.

Praise For Fatigue Prescription: Four Steps to Renewing Your Energy, Health, and Life

"If you are tired of the army of health experts and their bewilderingly complex, ever-changing advice, The Fatigue Prescription is for you. In this practical, crystal-clear book, Dr. Linda Hawes Clever maps a solid plan that will increase your zest and fulfillment in life." -- Larry Dossey, MD, Author: The Power of Premonitions

"The Fatigue Prescription is a compelling book designed for these busy times; Dr. Clever offers a practical means of taking stock of self, and then embarking on a wise means of renewal." --ABRAHAM VERGHESE author of CUTTING FOR STONE

"How do we get through our to-do list day in and day out without getting flat out exhausted? Sounds like a tall order but the Fatigue Prescription gives you concrete strategies to rise above the busy schedules and rediscover the meaning behind the madness. Going beyond quick fixes takes courage and discipline on your part, but this book is packed with easy-to-use tools to bring the vitality and joy back into your life." --Jamie Woolf, author of Mom-in-Chief: How Wisdom From the Workplace Can Save Your Family From Chaos

"This dynamo of a book by renowned physician Dr.Linda Hawes Clever is direct from her heart to yours. This is a one-stop resource for deepening your self-awareness and reconnecting with sources of energy and optimism you may have presumed lost. Just as she promises, you will emerge from this reading experience wiser, happier, healthier!" -- Janet Bickel, M.A., Career and Leadership Development Coach and Consultant, former Association of American Medical Colleges Associate Vice President

"Linda Hawes Clever, wise-physician of the body and of the spirit, has long been an admired national leader in helping others help themselves. In The Fatigue Prescription Dr. Clever has extended her healer's reach to those of us with full hectic schedules and seemingly not enough energy to deal with them. Drawing upon her extensive experience in the area of renewal, she offers valuable insights for diagnosing and dealing with the fatigue of 'too much to do'. "Taking care of yourself is not selfishness, it's self preservation" is Dr. Clever's clear and saving message. Here is a prescription worth filling." --Charles J. Hatem, MD, Harold Amos Academy Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

"Fatigue is the number one problem that I see in my busy psychiatric practice. Women are especially vulnerable. We do too much and yet we have much more to do. Traditional medications don't work, counseling doesn't usually address this problem and our families and employers always seem to want more. Dr. Linda Clever gives us realistic and practical tools to help all of us live a calmer, more satisfying life. I strongly recommend reading this book as you begin your journey of renewal." --Leslie Lundt MD, XM Radio Host and author of Think Like a Psychiatrist

"Dr. Linda Clever's book makes a compelling case for making self care a priority. This book is absolutely essential reading." --Deborah Kesten, author of The Enlightened Diet and The Healing Secrets of Food

"In Dr. Clever's extraordinary book, I have found the prescription I need to continue to pursue my life path with purpose and passion, but in good health with minimal workaholic stress. I am sure her wise and broad- based advice will prove a blessing to readers from a host of varied backgrounds, not just overly future-oriented folks, like me." --Phil Zimbardo,Ph.D.

"The renewal process needs constant watering. Linda Clever has written a great and helpful book that deservedly belongs next to John Gardner's 'Self-Renewal.' The Fatigue Prescriptions is a deep and practical book that will do a world of good for anyone who reads it. It can help all of us learn to go slow in a fast world." --Jim Thompson, Founder, Positive Coaching Alliance

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Viva Editions, 9781573443807, 288pp.

Publication Date: February 9, 2010