Reasonable Woman (Paperback)

By Wendy McElroy

Prometheus Books, 9781573922081, 313pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 1998



Have you, as a woman, ever felt frustrated while engaged in a discussion on some important topic? Do you feel constrained when attempting to express your ideas and views to others? Do you find yourself at a loss for words? Have you been labeled "unreasonable" by the men in your life? Have you been told you are too emotional or that women just tend to be that way? Well, help is on the way!

Wendy McElroy has broken through the wall of sexual stereotyping to offer the perfect guide to help women recognize their mental power, learn to reason effectively, and use this resource to succeed in love, work, and life. Designed for all women who want to explode the label of being "unreasonable," this volume outlines the tools needed for readers to realize their intellectual potential. McElroy's delightful and informative book will help you win arguments; rise above intimidation; and successfully express yourself in private or in public, even in the face of hostility. This valuable self-help and women's studies guide includes the psychological dimensions of reasoning, emotional "barriers," how to break the fear of error, and arguing to win.