What Every Good Parent Should Know about the Internet [With *] (Paperback)

What Every Good Parent Should Know about the Internet [With *]

By Robert Maynard

Prometheus Books, 9781573922708, 134pp.

Publication Date: June 1, 2000



The Internet may now be the most powerful, single source of information in the world, and with an estimated 200 million computers in homes by 2000, the ability to send and receive virtually any type of data will be almost infinite. Unfortunately, besides fascinating educational information the Internet is also crammed with pornography and other material inappropriate for children. Parents need advice on how to place controls over their kids' access to adult websites and to protect them from the bad influences and the criminal elements thriving on the net. is an easy-to-follow, often humorous book that trains parents not only to beware of the dangers on the Internet but also how to gain control of their child's access to Web sites, chat rooms, homepages, e-mail, and more. Drawing on many years of personal experience as a top-ten Internet service provider (ISP), and as a loving parent, author Robert Maynard provides a lucid approach to safe computer literacy for children and parents.

Filled with tips and techniques to help parents monitor their kids' online activities, is the best and most accessible guide to safe surfing in cyberspace. Help your children enter the age of technology prepared and protected Includes a free CD.

About the Author

Robert Maynard (Dallas, TX), the founder of Internet America, one of the largest and most respected ISPs in America, lectures nationally on Internet safety, entrepreneurship, and customer service.