Nail 'Em!: Confronting High Profile Attacks on Celebrities & Businesses (Hardcover)

Confronting High Profile Attacks on Celebrities & Businesses

By Eric Dezenhall

Prometheus Books, 9781573927192, 293pp.

Publication Date: July 21, 2003



"We're gonna nail 'em!" That's the threat made against Eric Dezenhall's clients -- usually corporations and well-known people -- by aggressors trying to launch media-hyped smear campaigns and attacks because they feel they've been wronged, or just because they want publicity. From Pepsi and ValuJet to Michael Ovitz and Kathy Lee Gifford, businesses and celebrities today are finding themselves the front-line targets of attacks by the headline-seekers, the news media, corporate stalkers, disgruntled former employees, individuals seeking a few minutes of fame, and many others. And it's crisis managers like Dezenhall who step in to reduce the damage, fight the bad publicity, and sometimes even turn the wave of negative opinion on the aggressors themselves.