Human Happiness and Morality: A Brief Introduction to Ethics (Paperback)

A Brief Introduction to Ethics

By Robert F. Almeder

Prometheus Books, 9781573927604, 212pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2000



Philosopher Robert Almeder provides lucid explanations of the major ethical theories and traditions, and looks at the answers to three basic questions: What makes a right act right? Why should I be moral? What is human happiness and how do I attain it? The author first discusses consequentialist and deontological theories, admitting that "we face daunting difficulties" when trying to decide what makes an an act right or wrong. He then imparts a clear understanding of what is needed for happiness and the place of traditional morality in that pursuit. In closing, the author details simple Stoic rules for happy living and shows how to live a good life despite the existence of unhappiness and failure in others.

About the Author

Robert Almeder is a professor of philosophy at Georgia State University, the coeditor (with Milton Snoeyenbos and James Humber) of Business Ethics, and the author of many scholarly works.