The 9-Inch Diet: Exposing the Big Conspiracy in America (Paperback)

Exposing the Big Conspiracy in America

By Alex Bogusky, Chuck Porter

powerHouse Books, 9781576873205, 133pp.

Publication Date: November 24, 2008



This isn't a diet book.

This is a book about plates. And the twisted conspiracy that is making our country fat.

FACT :: 95 percent of dieters regain the weight after five years.

FACT :: The average American dinner plate has grown from 9 inches in diameter to 12 inches since 1970.

FACT :: As a result, we’re now consuming more than 300 excess calories per day.

FACT :: Our bodies have kept pace growing with our plates.

CURE :: A return to 9-inch dinner plates.

Behold The 9-Inch "Diet."

About the Author

Alex Bogusky and Chuck Porter run arguably the most creative advertising agency in the country. Experts in manipulating popular culture, two of the best tricksters in the industry explain how you as a consumer are being duped and how you are actually part of the conspiracy to make you fat. But most importantly, they teach you how to break the cycle.